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Share your .sbx files.

On this website you can upload Scratch projects that use experimental extensions, and people can see the and use them too.

Artificial Intelligence by LensGames

Snake by Lensgames

Launchpad Extension+ by Lensgames

tested by eee

Puppy Lick Icon by cs874636

LaunchPad Extension by Lensgames

hh by hhj

Hunter Kellett by Kllttfam

Spelling Tester by CobraCaptain

ISS Tracker by edward789121

Extension Loader by docaiden

url by url

ISS tracker 3D by gregory9

sasa by sasa

deed by deed

xax by gev

CatX-Sample by LiFaytheGoblin

Explore Space! by -SuperScratch-

ejfh by ggg

test by test

test by test

Mesh Template by JTA_Craft

Minilab_enova by Amanallah Trifi

Gamepad Testing by meowflash

URL Opener by gregory9

Cuber by gregory9

Name Cookie 2 by gregory9

Name Cookie by gregory9